Cleopatra's Secrets Foaming Shower Gel 200ml

Cleopatra\'s Secrets Foaming Shower Gel 200ml
The Golden Shimmer provides an extra rich shower experience and a luxurious wellness feeling in the rinse off products. In the Shimmer Oil and the Shimmer Body Butter it also provides a subtle shine for the body.
Honey was deified in ancient Egypt. It was food from the gods or the tears of the sun god Ra. Honey and beewax were used as medicine, preservative, cosmetic, sweetener, sacrifice for the gods, etc. Cleopatra added honey to her milk baths. Honey contains many vitamins. One of the great beauty benefits of honey is that it helps regulate the skin's moisture supply.
The ancient Egyptians also called aloe vera the plant of immortality. The juice can penetrate the skin quickly and deeply and rejuvenates the skin and prevents wrinkles. As a result, the skin looks fresher. The enzymes of the juice are able to loosen dead skin cells, giving the skin more room to breathe. The natural acidity of the skin is supported, the skin is kept elastic and healthy and the skin repair properties are supported.
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